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So, This is Working…

Remember when I said that I am going to lose 25lbs this month, well I think I might be able to. Lately I have been doing everything I said I would do, and it feels great. The gallon a day, although hard to adjust to at first has become really easy. And the running…sucks, there is no other way to state it, but it sucks. I feel as if I have lost some weight, however I do not want to step on the scale. I do not want to, so that my mind won’t be changed about this process.

– Update by Misiika



How to Lose 25lb in One Month as a High School Student: A Journal by Me, Part One

So, I’ve been looking in the mirror lately and I realized that I am sort of, um well you know—obese. While looking at the folding rolls encircling my abdomen and the impending triple chin, I decided that I am going to lose 25lbs in one month, yes folks. I am going to drop that weight like Snoop Dogg dropped it when it was hot, like a lot of student’s GPAs drop due to failing grades, I am going to drop the weight that has been stubbornly chilling inside my body for the past 7 years.

Healthy Weight

Before I tell you guys how I am going to drop 25lbs, let me first show you my parameters and goal weight:

  • Starting Weight: 185lbs
  • Height: 5’3
  • Ending Weight: 127lbs

How am I going to manage to drop all that weight? Well, starting this Thursday, June 1st, I am going to start my weight loss journey. A journey that will be easy and feasible, because I refuse to believe that it will be anything other than that. You know the best thing about it? I am going to keep all of you kiddos updated on my mental and physical state.

Here is the plan

  1. First thing is first, I am going to wake believing that I already dropped the 25lb.
  2. Drink a gallon of water a day
    1. If there is 24 hours in a day and I sleep for 8 of those hours, I am left with 16 hours to divide a gallon into.
      1. Eight standard water bottles fit into a gallon, meaning wait for it… every two hours I will need to drink a water bottle—my math teacher would be proud.
    2. 25 sit-ups, 10 push ups, 20 Squats every day
    3. I am going to use the Running for Weight Loss that I found in the google play store. Run every day except for Sunday and Wednesday and on the 5th day of every week do a long run, right now I am looking at 3-5 miles as long runs for myself.
      1. Do not worry, I have experience with running and I am not just jumping into this, I want to utilize the longer interval cardio routine as a gateway to weight loss.

Now that, I have told you all what I am about to do, I cannot go back on my words. Mama says, it is bad to lie to people and I would be lying to you all if I choose to go against my words.

Comment and follow to keep up with me and my 25lbs journey, it’s goning to happen do not miss out!