Author: Misiika

The Human Mind: Mental Illnesses are Not a Joke.

So, I have always been interested in people and the way they function. When I was younger, I wanted to know how and why different people acted in distinct ways. I wanted to know why some people were always sad, why others were always doing something destructive, just why. I began watching documentaries at a really young age on other countries and their socities. At that time I just wanted to know why the African society and culture was so different from the American one.

I did not get into the world of psychology until middle school, I loved it. I loved psychology, I was able to understand how at times our brain was the only one in charge of our actions. And that for some people, there is no balance for rational or irrationl thought processes. I was able to understand different experiences have a different impact on a person’s mental health. Granted, I have not taken a psychology course yet, but I have researched things like: Schizophrenia, Depression, PTSD, and many phobias. Lately I have been watching Maya Imani-Amani on Youtube, a young adult who makes videos describing her mental illness: Schizophrenia, that was a result of a childhood tramua. While watching her videos and having the beginner knowledge on mental illnesses that I have, I feel like sh*t when people make fun of mental illenesses or use the medical terms lightly. People with mental illnesses actually go through a lot. And I want to learn more, I now have a hunger to understand that I never had before. I don’t really know the point of this post, but to say how fascinating I find psychology considering the fact in my house hold and in my culture mental health is always overlooked. 

– Misiika, feeling intrigued. Thank you for reading, leave a comment on what you think! 


So, This is Working…

Remember when I said that I am going to lose 25lbs this month, well I think I might be able to. Lately I have been doing everything I said I would do, and it feels great. The gallon a day, although hard to adjust to at first has become really easy. And the running…sucks, there is no other way to state it, but it sucks. I feel as if I have lost some weight, however I do not want to step on the scale. I do not want to, so that my mind won’t be changed about this process.

– Update by Misiika


How to Lose 25lb in One Month as a High School Student: A Journal by Me, Part One

So, I’ve been looking in the mirror lately and I realized that I am sort of, um well you know—obese. While looking at the folding rolls encircling my abdomen and the impending triple chin, I decided that I am going to lose 25lbs in one month, yes folks. I am going to drop that weight like Snoop Dogg dropped it when it was hot, like a lot of student’s GPAs drop due to failing grades, I am going to drop the weight that has been stubbornly chilling inside my body for the past 7 years.

Healthy Weight

Before I tell you guys how I am going to drop 25lbs, let me first show you my parameters and goal weight:

  • Starting Weight: 185lbs
  • Height: 5’3
  • Ending Weight: 127lbs

How am I going to manage to drop all that weight? Well, starting this Thursday, June 1st, I am going to start my weight loss journey. A journey that will be easy and feasible, because I refuse to believe that it will be anything other than that. You know the best thing about it? I am going to keep all of you kiddos updated on my mental and physical state.

Here is the plan

  1. First thing is first, I am going to wake believing that I already dropped the 25lb.
  2. Drink a gallon of water a day
    1. If there is 24 hours in a day and I sleep for 8 of those hours, I am left with 16 hours to divide a gallon into.
      1. Eight standard water bottles fit into a gallon, meaning wait for it… every two hours I will need to drink a water bottle—my math teacher would be proud.
    2. 25 sit-ups, 10 push ups, 20 Squats every day
    3. I am going to use the Running for Weight Loss that I found in the google play store. Run every day except for Sunday and Wednesday and on the 5th day of every week do a long run, right now I am looking at 3-5 miles as long runs for myself.
      1. Do not worry, I have experience with running and I am not just jumping into this, I want to utilize the longer interval cardio routine as a gateway to weight loss.

Now that, I have told you all what I am about to do, I cannot go back on my words. Mama says, it is bad to lie to people and I would be lying to you all if I choose to go against my words.

Comment and follow to keep up with me and my 25lbs journey, it’s goning to happen do not miss out!